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Archive for January 2018

Is it possible you never lose your keys again?

You did it again!! You are in a hurry and realize you can’t find your car or house keys. “Oh, I just kept on the kitchen counter. Why can’t I find my keys? Did I keep them in my purse last night?” Well, struggling with these questions may be a common scenario for you, but…

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Keys Locked in Trunk?

You are loading your car trunk with the groceries you have just picked for a party at home. You are distracted by a phone call and close the trunk only to realize you have left your keys inside. Keys locked in a trunk is a common complaint we, as a locksmith company, come across in…

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When should you replace locks on your home?

The locks on your front door keep you assured that you are safe. Is it a good idea to replace locks on your home over time? What about the time when you have lost your keys? You can easily go for lock rekeying in case of lost or stolen keys unless it is absolutely necessary…

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Need a copy of a broken key? Your locksmith can help

In our business, one of the most frequently asked questions is: Is to possible to make a duplicate of key that is broken. Well, to be honest this question has no straightforward answer. Whether or not we can make copy of a broken key depends on several factors. Most of all, it depends to what…

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