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Ready to Handover the House Keys to Kids?

house keys to kids

An important question every parent face at some point in their lives is whether it is ok to handover the house keys to kids? Especially when your kids are old enough to get back home from school or from a friend’s place while you are at work or not around. So, your concern now is…

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How to Keep Your Car Safe from Theft?

Keep your car safe

Taking care to avoid problems is anytime a wiser option than trying to mend things once the damage has been done. And the same applies when it comes to car thefts! If you do not want any criminal driving your car or selling it off, take a few minutes reading these smart yet simple strategies…

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Time to replace my car’s ignition switch?

car's ignition switch

A car performs the best when all its parts are functioning properly. However, no car part is immune to wear and tear. The more miles that a car has run, the more likely that its components have worn out. Problematic parts need to be replaced on time if you don’t want to face problems while…

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Double Deadbolt Locks or Single? What to Choose?

Deadbolt locks

Security and safety of the business or residential premises is the primary concern for all. A deadbolt lock offers a physical security for protecting the exterior doors of the property and prevent thefts. There are two basic types of locks available: double and single. When selecting the right lock to protect your business, you must…

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