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Lock Rekeying: When it is a Better Option for your Home?

Security of the house is of highest importance and a lot depends on good door and window locking arrangements. At times, one or more locks may become faulty due to wear and tear, in which event the faulty locking system must be replaced with new locks; in most cases the process of changing locks is…

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Home Improvements that are Likely to Give you ROI

For you, your home is your identity, the place where you make memories, and it is your biggest investment. It should never appear ordinary or lose its charm. You must keep working at enhancing its appeal and giving it a fresh look if you want to bump up its value, or even if you intend…

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Take Charge of Your Home Security Today

Your Home Security

A break-in is a nightmare for any homeowner. Your home is a safe-haven for you and your family. However, when a burglar or an intruder violates the sanctity of your home, the damage is as much physical as it is psychological. And while one burglary every 15 seconds in the U.S is extremely worrisome, the…

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Why High Security Locks are Important For Home Security

high security locks

An important consideration in home security is related to the installation of high security locks. Unlike commercial and corporate properties where security systems are often sophisticated and multi-layered, residential property owners are far more vulnerable when it comes to break-ins. Standard locks come with very few security features which makes them easy to pick, cut/drilled,…

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