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Tips To Prevent Carjacking

Think getting a car stolen from the parking lot is terrible?

Try imagining a situation in which a stranger robs your car while you are sitting behind the wheel. Sound frustrating, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, this case otherwise known as carjacking is one of the most common crime. In fact, the United States alone had 35,000 carjacking cases by 1992. Surprisingly, in 18,600 cases the victims failed to protect their possessions.

Luckily, these criminals don’t have some superpower, so they stick with specific types of drives and vehicle.

You can avoid being a victim of a carjacking by avoiding some common mistakes. Here are a few guidelines that will come in handy for preventing carjacking.

  • Avoid unfamiliar and low populated routes, especially during odd hours of the days. The absence of people, make you an easy target.
  • Conceal your valuables. The chances of crime increase to a considerable extent if the thief can clearly see a big purse or other valuables. Just lock these things in the storage trunk.
  • Staying alert is the best defense. If you see a suspicious car following you or a suspicious person standing near your car, just, take a little walk and sees the person’s reaction. It will hint you about this/her intentions.
  • Always keep an eye on the mirror to see if someone is following your car. If you feel like it, take some twisted turns to ensure it. Once you are sure of it, guide the person to the nearest police station.
  • Bumping is one of the most common carjacking techniques. The thief crashes into your car, and his partner takes hold of your vehicle, as soon as you get out to check the damage. It’s better if you analyze your location before getting out of it.
  • In case of any bump from behind, signal the other driver to follow you to a safe spot before getting out. If the person doesn’t follow, note the license plate number.
  • The time of getting in and out of the car is best for pushing you and taking the car. Stay a little alert at these times. Hear listen and observe every angle of the place before unlocking the door.
  • If someone sticks a note or bill under the wiper during a stay at the traffic light, never, literally never get out of the vehicle. It’s the most destructive carjacking trick. Stick the bill, wait for the driver to get out and then rush into the car. There a high chances that the thief will run you over while getting out of the scene.
  • Lock your car. Even if you are getting in or out of the vehicle for a few seconds, never leave it open.
  • Never travel alone with a kid. Having someone by your side will increase the chances of getting the kid to safety.

These tips will keep you safe from the outside invaders and carjacking risk to a very great extent. However, if you somehow become a victim to it, let them take it.

Fighting may seem like a tempting option, but they may have a backup which will not end well.