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6 ways you can improve your garage security

Garage SecurityWhen it comes to home security, your garage is often considered as a weak link. So, it is quite surprising really how most of us take garage security for granted. If you have an attached garage or use your garage area as your office or to store expensive hardware or other equipment, it is even more important not to ignore the security of your garage door. Doing so will only give thieves an easy access, making your house and garage an easy target for a potential burglary.

Of course, it starts with choosing the right material for your garage door. A solid wood or a reinforced steel door is more likely to withstand destructive attempts to gain access. But there are so many other important things you can do keep intruders at bay.

6 Things you can do to up your garage security

  1. Always keep your garage door closed and locked

It goes without saying. Isn’t it? But a lot of times garage security goes for a toss only because someone ignored this most ‘obvious’ step in maintaining the garage security. When going for a vacation, don’t just rely on unplugging your opener but actually lock the door using a good, robust physical lock such as good old deadbolt and high security lock.

When you keep your garage door locked and closed, it serves two important purposes. It keeps burglars away and it helps you keep garage safe. An open garage can lead to accidents that may involve kids or pets.

  1. Keep your garage door opener in the house, not in the car

You may be keeping your garage door opener in the car out of convenience. But you are giving burglars an invitation to come and grab it. If you have a tendency to keep forgetting it, attach the remote to your keychain.

  1. Go for hi tech openers

Garage door openers, now-a-days, are equipped with a lot of built-in features that offer security and convenience both. Replace your old opener with a hi-tech, state of the art model that comes with automatic locking mechanisms, auto revers, lighting controls and so much more.

  1. Use a zip tie for the emergency release

Your garage door opener comes with an emergency release that allows you to disengage the opener and open the door in case of emergencies. But this important, life-saving feature can be a big security risk if you are not careful to reinforce it with ‘zip tie’. Thieves can use something as simple as a coat hanger to access the emergency release handle. However, a zip tie prevents someone from disconnecting the door and get inside.

  1. Cover the windows

Keeping valuable items in plain sight is likely to attract burglars. If you have windows in your garage, anyone can simply peep in and assess the stored contents. It is best to cover the windows to limit the visibility from outside. You can install shades, apply window films, use frosted window panes or screens. Any of these measures is good as long as you are able to add privacy and prevent people from peeping inside the garage.

  1. Keep garage and shed area well-lit and install motion sensors lights

Whether it is your house or garage, proper lighting especially at the strategic places very much deter thieves. Better yet, install motion sensor lights for improved garage security. These lights use infrared waves to sense movements and body temperature. When there is any unexpected movement, a bright and often blinding light floods the area. This usually works well to scare a burglar out of their wits and get your attention at the same time.