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Double Deadbolt Locks or Single? What to Choose?

Deadbolt locksSecurity and safety of the business or residential premises is the primary concern for all. A deadbolt lock offers a physical security for protecting the exterior doors of the property and prevent thefts. There are two basic types of locks available: double and single.

When selecting the right lock to protect your business, you must consider a few points to determine whether you need to choose a double or a single lock. Before that, let’s have a brief look at what a single or a double deadbolt lock means.

What is a Single Deadbolt Lock?

A single deadbolt lock has handlesets and entry knobs that can be operated using a key from the outside. However, these locks do not need a key for locking and unlocking from the interior of the premises. Instead, the door can be locked and unlocked using a thumb-turn styled lever.

What is A Double Deadbolt Lock?

These locks have handlesets and entry knobs that can be locked and unlocked only by using a key from the exterior as well as the interior of the premises. These locks do not have a thumb-turn mechanism.

How to Choose Between A Single Or A Double Deadbolt Lock?

Here are a few parameters that can help you determine the right lock you can install for your business property.


Single locks are more convenient to use than the double locks as they do not require a key to operate the lock from the interior. The simple thumb turn can lock and unlock the door.


Single deadbolt locks are usually priced lower than the double deadbolt locks. The lower cost is the reason for why most home and business owners prefer to install a single deadbolt lock.


This is the prime concern for any home and business owner. And this is where the double deadbolt locks offer an advantage. These locks offer more security against thefts and intruders, particularly for the premises that have doors with a glass panel. It can prevent an intruder from unlocking the door by breaking open the glass window or pane.

Also, the properties that have a door close to a window at an arm’s reach need a better protection using this type of lock. Since these do not have a thumb-turn mechanism, it can prevent the intruders from reaching inside to unlock the doors manually through a broken window. Single locks do not offer protection in such cases.


A double deadbolt lock may raise safety concerns especially in the event of a fire. It can prevent the occupants from escaping through the double deadbolt-locked doors unless they use a correct key. However, you can mitigate this risk if you keep your keys in place and have a spare just in case you might need one urgently.

Installing these locks can protect your business against thefts and intruders. If you know the parameters for choosing a right lock, you can prevent security risk for your home and business.

Being aware of how to choose between a double or a single deadbolt lock based on the parameters discussed above can prevent an imminent danger for the business and even provide you a peace of mind.

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