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What are electric strike locks?

Electric Strike Locks

Electric Strike Locks

Businesses need to invest in all kinds of commercial grade locks and access control systems to increase security and achieve better control over the entry and exit points. Electric strike locks are an example of such locks that can provide businesses an added layer of security, effectively safeguarding their property and assets.

How do electric strikes work?

A normal strike plate is basically a metal plate that has a hole or cavity for the lockset latch to rest in. When the latch is in, the door is locked. When you turn the handle, the latch retracts and the door is now open.

Now, in a door installed with electric strike locks, the conventional strike plate is replaced with a strike that has a hinged metal piece. Electric supply keeps the door locked form the outside the until the strike is activated with the help of a key card or a fob reader, instead of using a key like in mechanical lockset. This is when the metal part swings and allows the door to be unlocked without turning the handle manually.

These electro-mechanical locks can be either fail-safe (where the lock is automatically unlocked when the power supply is interrupted) or fail-secure (that keeps the door fastened even in the absence of power supply).  If you have a fail secure system, security experts highly recommend installing a keyed lock or a panic bar on the inside of the door. Such arrangement allows you to easily activate and open the lock from within, which comes handy in making fast exit during emergency situations.

What types of businesses would benefit most from installing these locks? While these locking devices work for all kinds of commercial spaces, they are best recommended for properties that demand high security and where it is extremely important to keep an eye on and control the incoming traffic such as banks and jewellery stores.

Benefits of installing electric strike locks

  • Prevents employee theft
  • Makes your business premises secure from unauthorized access
  • Easy to install
  • Easy integration with other lock mechanisms such as mortise locks and panic bars
  • Ideal locking solution for high security commercial places

While these access control devices are easy to install, some modification to the door frame is still required. Moreover, you must choose the right model for your specific doors. There are many other components involved, for example you need to consider the dimensions of the doorjamb and the strike plate for better fit and interface. Choosing, installing and powering these electro-mechanical locking systems require skill and experience.

Make sure you hire a professional, licensed locksmith. Kyle Locksmith Co. has vast experience in all types of electric strike installations for new or retrofit installation; be it compact or heavy duty electrical strikes. Our commercial locksmith services include installing and repairing all kinds of lock systems for your business – electronic locks, magnetic locks, master key systems and panic bars. Call us at (512) 634-8090 if you are locked out of office or storage or need other locksmith services in Kyle, Texas like lock rekeying or repair.