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Why should you install security bars on front door?

Security barsWhat does it take to secure your front door? A high-quality ANSI grade 1 deadbolt will do great in prevent lock shimmying. But is that enough? Well, sometimes it takes more than just that especially when you have sliding doors and glass doors. You should install security bars, also called burglar bars, to add that extra layer of security to the house entrance.

Security bars benefits

  • Great deterrent to burglars as they can withstand pounding attack from the outside
  • Help you stall a forced entry long enough to call the police.
  • Inexpensive and require little installation efforts
  • Can be installed on almost any kind of doors
  • Made of thick, highly resilient steel and can’t be easily broken
  • Comes with adjustable length and foldable shaft
  • Don’t need internet connections or steady stream of power to run

While installing security bars on your glass door is a great security addition, remember this measure may not be enough. What else can you do be prepared against a possible intrusion?

  • Install a digital peephole camera and motion detector lights
  • Add security cameras to your home security arrangement.
  • Make sure your deadbolt strike plate is attached with long screws (at least 3 inches screws will do.)
  • Attach a steel plate on the door frame to make it stronger
  • Keep your front door area visible. Trim down any over-grown shrubbery and other vegetation.
  • Last but not the least, keep your doors and windows locked even when you are home.

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