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Lock Rekeying: When it is a Better Option for your Home?

rekeyingSecurity of the house is of highest importance and a lot depends on good door and window locking arrangements. At times, one or more locks may become faulty due to wear and tear, in which event the faulty locking system must be replaced with new locks; in most cases the process of changing locks is not easy and it can be an expensive affair. What most home owners don’t realize however, is that rekeying is another option available to them for all of the above reasons mentioned for changing a lock.

What is Lock Rekeying?

It simply explained is the changing of the working key with another key without changing the entire lock. The new key can easily operate the old lock while the old key becomes redundant. What happens essentially is that the tumbler or the key pins in the lock cylinder are replaced and the new key is designed to match the new tumbler.

It does not impact the security of the lock as long as the old key pins or tumble is replaced with the same number of new key pins. And while all locks can be rekeyed, often taking only a few minutes, the tools needed might be different based on the kind of lock.

Difference between Rekeying and Replacing a Lock?

When you replace a lock, the entire system which includes the lock and the key is changed. Whereas in the rekeying process, only the key pins of the lock are changed and the new key is designed to match the replaced key pins.

Changing an entire lock is a far more expensive and complicated process, especially if you are replacing your old locks with a more sophisticated or upgraded locking system. The new lock might require a larger portion/wood of the door removed to create space for fitting it. Rekeying on the other hand is a cheaper alternative as key pins don’t cost much and you only get charged for the labor.

When you should consider Lock Rekeying?

The best thing to do of course is to get the locks appraised by a professional locksmith who can advise you on which is a better option. There are a few instances when getting a new key made for the existing lock is a good option. Here are 3 such instances;

  • If you moved into a new home/room, even if the old locks in the home are perfectly secure and high-grade, instead of using the same keys, it is prudent to rekey the locks.
  • When you change domestic help or change contractors after a renovation project it is best to rekey your locks as a precaution.
  • When you lose your old key or if they are damaged or stolen, instead of changing the locks, it is easier and cheaper to simply rekey the lock.

It is a Job for a Professional Locksmith

One big difference between changing a lock and rekeying a lock is that given a proper DIY tutorial or manual, most home owners can replace a standard lock on their own. However, the other process requires specialized skills, practice, and tools – it is a job best left to a professional locksmith. The kit that professional locksmiths carry for the purpose of rekeying locks is easily the cost of ten new locks!


It is a cost-effective option if there is no serious need for changing the locks in your home such as a compromised or old/rusted lock. It is however, always best to seek some professional advice before you decide on either course of action.

Kyle Locksmith Co. can help you with fast lock replacement as well as rekeying services at very affordable rates. Our friendly and technically savvy technicians are available 24 hours to get you out of any emergency situation or ordinary requirements, for example upgrading your lock system, making a spare key or installing additional home security systems like a digital peephole camera.

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