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Why should you install motion sensor lights?

Motion sensor lightsHome security is everyone’s priority. While most of us are proactive when it comes to installing security cameras and alarms, not many give motion sensor lights a serious consideration. But the fact is, this home security measure is one of the most effective ways to shield your house against unwanted intrusion.

Let’s find out how motion sensor lights work and how they can make your sweet home more secure.

Most home security systems use Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensors. Moving objects emit infrared rays. PIR motion sensor lights can detect these heat waves coming from a moving person, animal or car. These lights remain on depending on how long you have set the timer and will go off if the movement or the activity cease down. In a nutshell, these sensors will detect the presence of someone who is not supposed to be around and sound an alarm to alert you.

How it works? PIR sensors contain two slots to receive energy levels. When there is no movement nearby, these slots sense the same amount of heat. But when a person or animal walks by, the infrared energy generated from their moving bodies create a charge between these slots, triggering the sensor.

However, these lights can also catch the movement of small pets, wind-blown leaves or a harmless passing car, which triggers off false alarms. However, this problem can be countered by calibrating the sensors in a way that they go off only when they detect heat fluctuations caused by large movements. You can adjust the sensitivity as well as the filed of vision. You can also set the lights to stay on. All you need to do is to turn the switch off and on within a second in between. This will override the previous setting meant for motion sensor function.

Benefits of installing motion sensor lights at home

The number one in our list is related to home security. Outdoor motion sensor lights act as great deterrents against thieves and burglars. Dark backyards, around tress or garage areas often serve as perfect hiding places for burglars, who can sneak in there and lurk around for the right opportunity to strike. But with motion sensors, it is not possible for criminals to move around without getting noticed.  And when the whole space just lit up with a jarring alarm to go with it, the surprise factor alone is enough to prevent the burglar to back away. You know your home security has been compromised. You are better prepared to investigate or call the police and neighbors.

The number two benefit is related to convenience and cost savings. For example, you can also install indoor motion sensors in a driveways and porches for better visibility when you return home for work. Planting a motion sensor in the hallway would lit up the space and you don’t have to worry about finding the switch to power on the light. You don’t have to keep your hallway light on throughout the night.

Go ahead and install motion sensor lights today for improved home security!!