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Is it possible you never lose your keys again?

lose your keysYou did it again!! You are in a hurry and realize you can’t find your car or house keys. “Oh, I just kept on the kitchen counter. Why can’t I find my keys? Did I keep them in my purse last night?” Well, struggling with these questions may be a common scenario for you, but it doesn’t need to be anymore. We present some easy solutions so that you don’t lose your keys again, or at least avoid this situation.

Well, we don’t promise that you will NEVER lose your keys with these tips, but they are guaranteed to reduce the frequency of such incidents, meaning you spent less time in hunting for lost keys, provided they are still in your home. In case your keys are stolen, you have no option left but to call a locksmith as soon as possible and get the locks rekeyed again.

Tips to avoid losing your keys again

Reserve a special place to store your keys: It is common for people to return home after a long, heavy day of work and just dump their keys anywhere. Designate a place to keep or hang your keys. You can use a bowl, a drawer, a basket or a decorative key hook on the wall nearby the main door. Make it a habit to use this dedicated place every time you are back home. This will prevent the key to go astray and end up where it could be an uphill task to find them, especially on a chaotic day when you have no time to look for lost keys.

Keep your house clutter free: Well, whether you are in the habit of losing your keys or not, it never hurts to keep your house free from any clutter for all sorts of reasons you can imagine. Coming back to the lost keys, it is easier to locate your keys if you have things organized and stored in their right places. Keys have a knack of hiding in places where you least expect. But if you a clear, clutter-free area to search, you are more likely to find your keys without wasting too much of time and efforts. No more digging through that pile of papers or hunting through junk lying all over the place.

Keep a spare: Okay, we admit. It is not one of the tips to avoid losing your keys. But trust us, a spare key comes with many advantages. One, you don’t have to worry about getting locked out of your house or a car. Two, you save money on a car key replacement if you are in a possession of a spare key. Find a locksmith near your home and get a spare key for your home as well as your car.

While we are at it, don’t make the mistake of hiding the spare key at places where a burglar would easily find (such as under the doormat). In fact, make it a point to never keep your spare key outside the house. While it may be easy for your friends or a family member to quickly retrieve the key and get access, it could give a burglar a prefect opportunity to make their move and gain unobstructed, easy access. Instead, keep your spare keys with your neighbor or a friend.

Have you thought about letting go of your keys once and for all? You can install keyless deadbolt locks for your home and stop worrying that you lose your keys again. You may have to watch out for dead batteries or go for models that come with low-battery warning, if you are looking to install keyless locks. Rest assured, these locks offer convenience as well as better security.

Kyle Locksmith Co., your locksmith in Kyle, offers affordable, high quality locksmith services. Whether you are struggling with old, faulty locks, lost a key or looking to better your home security by installing locks that use latest technology, our licensed locksmith in Kyle can help you in a number of ways regarding your lock & key requirements. Call us today at (512) 634-8090.