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Car Not Starting? Your Local Kyle Car Locksmith Can Help

car not startingA car not starting is one of the most frustrating experiences you may have to go through. It is even more annoying to think of the excruciating repair work you need to get done if the engine does not start. However, before you begin to assume that the issue is with the car’s engine, you might want to consider other possible troubles such a faulty key which has an easy fix. Following are some car troubles that your local Kyle car locksmith can easily fix.

Damaged lock

A damaged, malfunctioning lock could be one reason of your car not starting. Prolonged use, daily wear and tear and accumulation of dust and debris can damage car locks. You will have to get the locks cleaned, rectified or replaced by a reliable locksmith.

Ignition issues

Most people confuse ignition issues with a dead car battery. An easy way to differentiate between these issues is by switching on the headlights which do not require you to start the car. If the headlights are turning on, but the dashboard lights are not, it indicates that the battery is not dead, and the issue is within the ignition chamber itself.

Bent or worn-out car key

A worn-out or a bent key won’t fit into the ignition cylinder and could be one reason of your car not starting. This is a common issue faced by car owners who need a physical key to start their car. We advise you against using such damaged keys as it can damage the locks as well. It is better to get a professional locksmith to correct the existing key or get a new key made as soon as possible.

The key needs to be reprogrammed

The existing key may invalidate after the battery is replaced in some cars. Same issues can arise when you get a new set of keys made. The reason could be that the chip inside the key is not communicating with the car’s engine and needs to be reprogrammed. The only viable solution is to find a reliable local car locksmith who is skilled and experienced in using key cutting machines and programming software.

Dead key fob battery

If you have a keyless start system in your car which is not starting, one of the most probable reason could be trouble with the battery in the key fob. Changing the dead battery with a new one will easily fix your problem. But, replacing the battery is not as simple as it sounds as the kind of battery your key fob uses will not be easily available in the market. You will have to contact your auto manufacturer to get the proper replacement.

There are several reasons your car may give you trouble to start. A smart approach is to do some basic troubleshooting before approaching a professional. If you are unable to figure it on your own, then reach out to local car locksmith in Kyle to get an insight into the issue and find a possible solution to your problem. Call Kyle Locksmith Co. at (512) 634-8090.