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Outsmart Burglars – Don’t Hide Valuables in these Places

hide valuablesExperienced burglars spend time studying their quarries. If you live alone, you could be more vulnerable if you are not proactive about securing your home against burglars. Most burglars are good at predicting and preempting the actions and thoughts of the people that they want to target. Even if you are cautious and have taken precautions against being burglarized, a smart or experienced burglar could undo your security system, enter your home, and walk away with your valuables. The number one reason for this is that homeowners are predictable when it comes to selecting a space to hide valuables.

However, time is one element which works against burglars. They need to get in and out of a house in a very short time to avoid getting caught. You can use this to your advantage by making it difficult for a burglar to locate or identify the hiding spot for your valuables.

Worst Places to Hide Valuables

Burglars tend to make a beeline for certain spots in a home. They just know they will strike gold (hopefully not literally) if they look in specific areas. Here are some of the obvious places that burglars will make a beeline for during a break-in.

The Master bedroom

The first place that a burglar will hit is the master bedroom. Most homeowners tend to hide valuables such as cash, jewelry, important papers, weapons, and prescriptions in the master bedroom.

So if your idea of a safe spot is your mattress, the dresser drawers, the medicine cabinet, or a portable safe in the bedroom, you might want to rethink this strategy. Portable safes are a bad idea because they can easily be carried out. A safe that is encased within or tethered to the wall or the floor is what you should be looking at.The toilet tank is again a big no; even a newbie burglar will definitely check the toilet tank!

The Freezer and Liquor Cabinet

The freezer and the liquor cabinet again are places commonly used for hiding valuables. But here’s the thing – if you thought of it, chances are the burglar has thought of it too! If you still want to use the freezer, then stash your valuable in a way that makes it difficult to spot right away. Use ordinary food wrapping material and hide it under/among other vegetables or fruits. Same goes with the liquor cabinet. Hide your valuables in a way that makes it difficult to spot.

Suitcases and Travelling Bags

Space is a constraint in most modern homes. You can still fall short of storage spaces after a spring cleaning or a garage sale. Which is why sometimes people tend to hide or store some of their valuables in suitcases or travelling bags. This is especially true of people living in small apartments or single bedroom houses. Big mistake; burglars will look through suitcases or travel bags in the hopes of finding something valuable.

Unique Hiding Spots for Valuables

Put on your thinking cap when scouting for potential safe spots for hiding your valuables. Look around your home and identify spots or areas that might escape the eyes of a burglar. The harder it is to find your hiding spot, the more time consuming the task becomes for a burglar. And as mentioned earlier, time is not on the side of a burglar.

Some unique ideas could include places such as false lights, or hollowed out books, cinder blocks, wall clocks, stuffed toys, or behind the ceiling light fixtures in your home.

Last but not the least, invest in a sound home security system and ensure all locks are in good condition. A professional locksmith like Kyle Locksmith Co. can help you in both areas. Our residential locksmith in Kyle install all types of conventional or digital locks and also security systems such as peephole cameras, security cameras, high security locks and deadbolt locks. Call Kyle Locksmith Co. at (512) 634-8090