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How to find a reliable locksmith

Reliable Locksmith KyleMost of us never think about hiring a locksmith until it’s an emergency; mostly when you’re locked out and you need help getting back in. An internet search will find you plenty of locksmiths in your area, but the real questions is, which one can you trust with your security? How do you know if a locksmith you are calling is safe and reliable? Luckily, there are some easy things you can do to find a reputable and reliable locksmith in your area.

  1. First step, ask for recommendations

Call up your friends, neighbor or family members to find out if they know of a good, reliable locksmith whom you can call. This will not only save your time in looking for one but also make sure that you are hiring a locksmith you can trust with your lock and keys and other information.

  1. Confirm the business details by calling them

When you call the number that shows up in your internet search, make sure the call is answered with the specific name of the business you’re attempting to call – not something generic. Confirm that the business has a physical, local address.

  1. Check their credentials

Find out what is required of a professional locksmith in your area, and when the locksmith arrives to assist you, always ask to see their credentials. You should also ask for the locksmith’s identification and business card, to make sure the information is the same as the information on their license or registration and on their company invoice. Allow them to work on your locks only after you have verified this information and made sure that they are licensed.

  1. Get an estimate and get it before they arrive

When you place your call, request a written estimate for the cost of the all services including service call, labor and mileage. If there are going to be any replacements, such as car keys or lock replacements, ask the locksmith to include these costs too. There could be some hidden fess; for example, a locksmith could ask you for extra fees if you are calling them in the middle of the night or some late hour. Make sure all the possible expenses are covered in the estimate before you allow them to start working.

Sometimes, a repair might be necessary that could lead to any property damage. Ask the locksmith if they are insured to cover any losses. When the work is done to your satisfaction, always ask for a detailed, itemized invoice to explain each charge.

  1. Be wary of scams

There are some “typical” behaviors that scammers are likely to show, and knowing what to look for can help you avoid falling victim. Scammers will often choose a “business name” and a phone number that is similar to a legitimate locksmith service in the area, or redirect calls to a generic call center.

A fraud, illegitimate locksmith is likely to take advantage of your emergency. So, if you find that the technician is quoting more price than what they told your over the phone, it is time to call another business.

Another trap is to claim the lock can’t be picked. If the locksmith tries to convince you that they need to drill, remove and replace the lock, it is a bad sign. A certified, experienced technician would have all the skills, training and tools to do this simple job of unlocking your door with ease and competence. Consider calling a different service provider, if they insist and don’t back out.

  1. Remember good service and save the number

If you’re satisfied with the service you received, ask for an extra business card or two so you can leave one in your car and one in your home. Save their number for any future requirements. Building a relationship with your local locksmith goes a long way in making sure you are covered for emergency situations and help will reach you fast.

Take a few minutes to provide a positive review on their website or their listing online. This will help enhance company’s reputation and give them more credibility in a space where a lot of their business depends on word of mouth or website/social media reviews. And your feedback will also guide and ease the mind of the next person looking for a locksmith in a similar emergency.

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