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Ready to Handover the House Keys to Kids?

house keys to kidsAn important question every parent face at some point in their lives is whether it is ok to handover the house keys to kids? Especially when your kids are old enough to get back home from school or from a friend’s place while you are at work or not around.

So, your concern now is whether they are ready for this kind of responsibility. What if they misplace or lose the keys?  Worse still, what if your child is locked out while you are stuck in heavy traffic or not in a situation to get back home quickly? These concerns need careful deliberation and workable solutions in the event that they actually happen.

Is this the right time?

Before you go ahead and provide your child with the keys, consider the following:

  • Does your child really need the key to enter the house – Will you be unavailable during the hours that your child comes from school or from a friend’s house?
  • Is your child responsible enough – Do you still have to worry about them bringing back items such their lunchboxes or backpacks?
  • Can the child remember to replace the house key in their backpack after entering the house or are they careless with the key once inside?
  • Does your child know how to use the phone to reach you if you are not at home?
  • Do you trust your child to be safe and comfortable if they have to be on their own till you get back?
  • Do you have a reliable neighbor or a friend who lives close by and help if your child needs help?
  • Do you think they can remember the code to the digital keypad?

The answers to these questions will help you decide whether it is safe and the right time to hand over the house keys to your child.

Simple Tips to Help your Child Safety Manage the House Keys

  • Use a keychain or clip to secure the key to the backpack so it is easy for the child to locate and keep a track of the key.
  • Put up a key rack that can hold the house keys of every member in the family – anyone who enters and leaves the house should use the key rack as a habit.
  • Designate specific hiding places for the spare set of house keys and make sure that only the family members are aware of the location.
  • Prepare for emergency situations. Discuss plan of action in case your child gets locked out; they should know what to do in times of other emergencies like in case of a fire or break-in.

Handing over the house keys to kids is a big decision. It concerns the safety and security of your child while you are not in attendance. If you are uncertain about whether or not your child is capable of handling the house keys, it is best to consider alternative options for your child to access the home in your absence.