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Home Security Myths That Will Surprise You

Home Security MythsWhen it comes to home security, there are a lot of myths doing the round. This can not only influence your perception about home security but may even put you entirely off from installing one. This is a bad thing as both situations can increase the odds of your house being burgled.  How to you separate myths from the facts? We are here to help you debunk the most prevalent home security myths. It will help you make an informed decision regarding choosing the right system to protect your family and loved ones from a potential break-in.

MYTH #1 Most burglaries happen during night

This could very well be one of the top home security myths that need serious debunking. Well, statistics show that your house is more prone to a burglary during a weekday and in broad daylight. This is the time when you will find most, if not all, homeowners at work and kids at school.

MYTH #2 Home security systems are not only ineffective but expensive too

First, gone are the days when home security systems used to be priced too high. The industry has made great strides and now-a-days these systems are well with-in reach of all people. Of course, some systems would always be expensive than others, but you can get maximum security with options that are affordable yet effective. And getting insurance discounts would be able to offset at least some of the installation and recurring service costs.

Coming back to how effective these systems are, it is not a surprise that a burglar is always looking for a soft easy target. Most burglars would stay away from homes that have signs of having some home security system in place. In fact, even small efforts like a sturdy deadbolt lock, security bars on windows and a security alarm can work as great deterrent. The truth is a burglar is less likely to target your home if you have installed a system.

MYTH #3You can’t completely trust home security systems

Nothing gives us more pleasure than busting this particular myth. In older times, when the wireless security systems were not in place, this myth still held some water. It was easy for burglars to simply cut the phone lone or disconnect the power supply to deactivate security systems. Today, most systems work on wireless technology and are equipped with multiple layers of monitoring and security, that makes disarming pretty much impossible.

MYTH #4 Have a dog? You are safe

It’s almost a fact that burglars are less inclined towards planning a burglary if you have a dog. ‘Beware of Dogs’ sign can be effective in keeping thieves away but not always. A burglar may be carrying a treat to distract or control your pet. In addition, your dog may be at a risk of getting hurt and it certainly can’t notify local police if something happens.

MYTH #5 I live in a safe neighborhood. I don’t need to install home security system

Living in a safe neighborhood counts. A watch program is a great initiative in making sure your neighborhood remains a safe lace for you and your family. But in no way does it mean that your home is 100 % burglary-proof. It is safe only until something happens. A home security system works 24/7 and keeps you safe at all times.

MYTH #6 I don’t live in a city. Remote areas are safer to live

You can’t be more wrong. It is another one of the top home security myths that gives you a false sense of security. The truth is, criminals are not too picky and choosy about location. They get an easy opportunity they strike. It is as simple as that.  In fact, when you come to think of it, residing in remote, far-flung places may make your home a better target for burglars.