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Home security tips for festive season

Home SecurityWell, the festive season is fast approaching. And if you go by statistics, incidents of burglary and break-in tend to spike during the holiday season. Criminals take advantage of this fun, busy time when most of us ease up on security and let our guards down a little.

It’s not always about big things. Sometimes, small simple things add up to make a huge difference when it comes to security. So, we have penned down a list of very simple but often overlooked home security tips to make sure your family and property remains safe and secure this festive season and beyond.

1. Make sure your holiday decorations don’t end up interfering with your security arrangements. For example, the wires of the exterior lights shouldn’t be running under a door or a window. This could help burglars to enter.

2. Test your alarm and make sure your alarm is serviced and working fine.

3. Give your house an extra line of defense by installing double cylinder deadbolt locks on the front door.

4. Get your front door fitted with a door chain, a burglar bar or a wide-angle digital peephole to effectively screen your visitors. Don’t let anyone you don’t know.

5. Trim down any overgrown shrubbery and plants in your yard, that could otherwise make for a great hiding place for burglars.

6. Installing lights with motion-detecting capabilities around exterior area would deter burglars.

7. Ladders and garden tools lying outside could become useful resources for a burglar to break-into your home. Store these items safely within shed or garage.

8. Be careful about disposing the packaging of gifts or anything expensive that you have bought. Break up the packaging before tossing it into the bin, else it could give criminals ideas that you have things lying around in your home.

9. Keep your valuables and gifts out of plain sight. They shouldn’t be easily visible from the outside through a window.

Heading for a holiday? More home security tips

1. Be discreet with your travel plans and preparation.

2. Ask your neighbors or friends to keep an eye on your property while you are away. Also request them to collect your mail and newspapers.

3. Always double check that you have locked all doors and windows and doors before you leave.

4. Send signals that somebody is home. You can ask a friend to park in your driveway, put timer on interior lights, radio and TV as well as on exterior lights to give an impression that your house is not empty, and someone could be home.

5. Be careful with what your answering machine says. Don’t leave a message that you are not home.

6. Watch out what you write on social media. Don’t discuss your holiday plans and where you are heading to.

7. Don’t leave your keys anywhere near the front door.

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