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Lost car keys but no spare?

Losing you only set of car keys can be so frustrating. And even worse is when you realize you don’t have any spare to help you. Well, we will come to the importance of spare keys in a bit but first let see what is the best option when you find yourself with lost car keyslost car keys.

You can either get your cat towed to the dealer or call a local locksmith for on-site car key replacement. What should you go for?

Imagine this. You are heading home after a long and grueling day at work. You search your pocket, your drawers and your laptop bag but your keys are nowhere to be seen. There is no way you can wait till morning for the dealership to attend you. It is best to call a local, reliable locksmith to come over to your location and make you a replacement for your lost car keys.

If you don’t have the number of a known locksmith saved on your mobile already, call up your friends and family for recommendation. Chances are somebody can refer a trustworthy professional. This is the better than just calling any random locksmith who can rip off big dollars for a low quality job.

Since it is always better to be prepared, having a spare key can help in a lot of  situations if not all. True, you need to get a new key made if you have lost your keys to prevent a potential break-in. But it can save you a lot of hassle momentarily if you are immobilized with a lost car key in the middle of the night and are stranded out with your family. You can safety get away and then call a local locksmith for a replacement and programming job (if you are using a transponder car key) from the safety of your home later. It not only saves you from a lot of stress but also helps you save the trouble and money of calling a towing service to carry your vehicle to the dealer or repair shop.

In addition, spare key also makes the job of cutting new key a lot easier and cheaper. Making a new key from the scratch can be a time consuming, not to mention an expensive process.

Kyle Locksmith Co. is your local locksmith and we can come to offer urgent roadside assistance anytime you are stuck in a lost car key situation. We have all the equipment and tools to cut any type of key be it a good old regular key, transponder key that uses a microchip, laser cut key or any smart key. Our licensed insured locksmiths have a lot of experience in making new keys or spare keys on the spot, program new keys to your car’s computer system and deleting old keys from the system.

Save our number (512) 634-8090 now. Having a reliable, reputed professional at standby means you don’t have to waste time looking for one at the last minute, which otherwise could be a great opportunity for fraudsters to take advantage of your situation. Don’t let that happen to you. Simply give us a call and our auto locksmith in Kyle will be there with you for car key replacement and ignition issues.