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Why Panic Bars are a must for commercial security?

panic barsPanic bars have a lot of names, such as crash bars, push bars, or touch bars. Call them by any names but they essentially have the same function – to make your commercial space more secure. If you have ever visited a big commercial center, there is a very good chance that you have come across this type of security mechanism. As a matter of fact, standard safety procedures make it mandatory for them to be installed, mostly depending on the building type and location.

Panic bars are very popular in the commercial world. They technically consist of a spring-loaded metal bar hoisted horizontally across the inside of a door. The door allows access when this pushed or activated, and it makes for fast and easy egress as the door typically outward and not inward.

Why are Panic bars so important in Commercial Buildings?

There are many outstanding benefits of panic bars, but the most important reason why panic bars are installed in large building facilities is for emergency reasons. Emergency situations in crowded commercial areas can lead to potentially bigger problems. In the past, it has been repeatedly shown that commercial emergency situations where people have to twist and turn a doorknob to open the door are quite ineffective and underhanded.

Other Benefits of Panic Bars

Apart from being a great exit system to handle emergency situations, panic bars also have other benefits which include:

Safety: Panic bars are an extremely safe option for commercial, even in non-emergency situations. Panic bars are typically installed on the inner side of the door, making the door remain unlocked to everyone outside thereby not allowing unauthorized access into the building. Panic bars can also feature an alarm system that will notify the building supervisors about any unauthorized evacuation.

Relatively affordable: For the kind of benefits you will derive from panic bars, they surprisingly don’t cost an arm and leg.

Variety of options to choose from: There are many types of panic bars to choose from. There is the vertical cross bar, horizontal cross bar, and even bars that comes with an alarm. These variations will allow you to choose solutions that fall within your budget and specific requirement.

Panic bars are very important door facility for commercial building security. If you ever need help with installing or repairing panic bars for your commercial set-up, give Kyle Locksmith Co. a call at (512) 634-8090. We offer a range of commercial locksmith services and solutions such as installation of high security locks, door closers, panic bars, electric strikes and magnetic locks and biometric locks. Our licensed commercial locksmith in Kyle are expert in installation and maintenance of all types of access control systems for your business and office. Give us a call for a free estimate.