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The Pros and Cons of Smart Locks

smart locks The current trend of busy schedules and increasing time away from home has made smart locks very popular. Several trusted brands in the United States offer different convenient keyless solutions in both the commercial and residential spaces. When it’s time for locks replacement, the idea of going for intelligent deadbolts or smart locks is definitely attractive. However, it’s better to weigh the pros and cons and take an informed decision before investing in one.

The Benefits

  • Smartphone integration: Once you have downloaded an application that integrates with a smart lock, you can lock or unlock your door sitting anywhere remotely. Smart locks from certain companies even allow you to use an application which determines if the door’s been locked or otherwise send alerts on who got in and at what time.
  • Access authorized to several people: When you plan to be out of home for several days and there are different people lined up for different jobs at home, smart lock come extremely handy. With smart locks you can offer different access codes for every individual. This will save you from the hassle associated with typical locks where you need to make spare physical keys for different parties. Spare keys can be a nuisance when it comes to home security.
  • Key related problems are a thing of the past: With smart locks around, you will not face problems like keys stuck in the lock, broken keys and lost keys, saving you from frustrating lock outs.
  • Allows for easy integration: A smart lock can be easily integrated with other smart or ‘Internet of Things’ devices. This offers better security and better control over access.

Now that you are aware of the advantages associated with smart locks, it is also time to look at the disadvantages to have a balanced view. One of the most important concerns is that it is possible to hack a smart lock. Another risk would be a lock out in case you fail to change the batteries in time and there is a power back up. Having a smart lock also show that you may have expensive valuables lying at home, which is enough to catch attention of the burglars.

Having said this, smart locks today have improved a lot in recent years both in terms of security and functionality. Some locks have an additional slot for using a physical key for manual entry just in case of any emergency. However, before making the purchase it’s important that you do your own research around the brand you want to buy and how ready you are to accept the new technology when using such locks.