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How to Take Care of Your Car in Summer Months?

car in summer monthsIt goes without saying that your car needs special attention during the winter season. With ice, frost, fog, and snow all being bothersome you have to pay extra attention to car care during these months. But when the days turn longer and the nights get warmer, it is easy to let your car care routine slide while you make the most of the good weather. However, remember that summer comes with its own set of challenges as far as car care goes. Here are some ways in which you can maintain your car in top shape to ensure optimal performance that lets you enjoy all those barbecues and trips to the beach without fear of breakdowns!

  • Check the Tires – The summer heat can cause the air in your car tires to expand putting you at greater risk of a blowout. Be sure to check the tire pressure regularly to ensure that it is just right and not over or under inflated. While you are at it, check the spare tire too. The tread is of equal importance and you must pay equal attention to it.
  • Help the Engine Stay Cool – It is essential to ensure that the engine has the recommended levels of coolant at all times. Flushing the coolant system regularly can help prevent overheating. One way of increasing the efficiency of the cooling system is by adding some antifreeze to the coolant mix. This helps raise the boiling point of water which enables it to carry away greater heat from the engine.
  • Find a Shady Spot to Park – Besides keeping your car cool while you are out enjoying yourself, the shade offers protection to your car battery. Vibrations and heat can have a negative impact on the battery and lead to breakdowns. Too much heat exposure can also lead to evaporation of battery fluid which, in turn, leads to corrosion of connections and terminals. If your car will be outdoors for a long duration, using an exterior cover can prove beneficial.
  • Pay Attention to the Air Conditioning – Air conditioning is a must in summers and besides making for a pleasant drive, it can help cut down on driver fatigue. The refrigerant level needs to be checked as does the cabin filter if your car has one. It is best to have a certified technician check out the entire air conditioning system.
  • Test the Electricals – The electrical components in a car are often responsible for a lot of issues and it can be difficult to zero in on these. The alternator and ignition are the most important of these and need to be maintained in excellent condition always.
  • Fine Tune the Suspension – You are likely to encounter quite a few potholes in summer and the really big ones can take a toll on your car’s suspension. By replacing springs, joints, and shocks as required, you can improve the precision of your steering wheel giving you greater control.

While you can carry out most of these maintenance checks yourself, it does not hurt to get an overall evaluation of your car by a trained technician. Last, but not least, make sure you have your spare set of car keys in a handy spot just in case you misplace your keys in the entire summer bustle. Looking for a locksmith to get your car opened can mean losing out on precious moments of fun in the sun!