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Time to replace my car’s ignition switch?

car's ignition switchA car performs the best when all its parts are functioning properly. However, no car part is immune to wear and tear. The more miles that a car has run, the more likely that its components have worn out. Problematic parts need to be replaced on time if you don’t want to face problems while on the road. Are you facing issues with starting your car? Chances are there is something wrong with your car’s ignition switch.

Let’s look at some bad ignition switch symptoms, which usually indicate that you should replace it.

Unable to Start the Car

A no-start is one of the most common symptoms of a faulty ignition switch, also called the starter switch. It prevents the engine from starting. When you turn the key in a bad ignition switch, the supply of power to the engine gets disrupted. And the result is your car fails to start.

Most people assume that a no-start is a battery-related problem. Instead of replacing the battery, it is best that you first determine the real cause. You are likely to find that the car’s ignition switch is the culprit and not the battery.

Car’s Engine Cranks but Does Not Run

It is highly likely that your car’s ignition switch is faulty if its engine cranks but fails to start. Bad switch results in a connection problem between the resistor bypass terminal and the 12 volts battery terminal. If there is no signal of 12 volts on one side of the ignition switch, in the crank or the starter position, it is a sign that it needs to be replaced.

Car Suddenly Stops 

At times, bad ignition switch does not stop you from driving the car. There is, however, no guarantee that you would reach the destination. Your car might come to a sudden stop even though its engine is functioning. A faulty ignition switch and a running engine lead to disruption of power to the fuel systems and ignition. Soon, the car’s engine, too, would stop running.

Instrument Panel Does Not Light Up

Your car’s instrument panel is most likely to not light up because of the faulty ignition switch. The three positions of ignition that show when you insert the key in the switch and turn it are: ‘Off,’ ‘On,’ and ‘Start.’ If the car’s ignition switch has developed problems, the instrument panel will not turn on when the key hits the ‘On’ position.

Other Issues Related to Problematic Ignition Switch

  • Unable to turn the key in the ignition switch.
  • Bad ignition switch fails to power up accessories in the car.
  • Ignition switch may become over-heated if it is faulty.

Contact a Locksmith to Replace Ignition Switch

Once you have correctly diagnosed the issue as a bad ignition switch, it is likely that you will think of calling an auto mechanic or going to the dealership. You can also call a reliable auto locksmith to look into the issue and recommend a solution. The bad ignition switch is basically a lock-related issue, and locksmiths are experts in repairing and replacing locks & keys.

Kyle Locksmith Co. is a professional locksmith in your area, trained in the latest technology and equipped with the latest tools. We can repair or replace your car’s ignition switch very effectively. We can also help resolve other ignition switch problems quickly and at a very reasonable cost.  Call us at (512) 634-8090 for any other auto locksmith issues such as lost or broken car keys and remotes. We provide fast car key replacement and at your doorstep or location.