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Transponder Car Keys

transponder car keysA car key with a transponder chip inside it is called a transponder key. The chip transmits a signal to the car’s transceiver and the working of the car would depend on receiving the correct signal. During World War II, the transponder keys were used in military forces for identifying friendly planes for transmission of information to pilots.

A car programmed with a transponder key wouldn’t work without one. A normal key without programming would still open the car trunk and doors but a suitable transponder key programming is a requirement for the car to start. So only the individual in possession of the car’s transponder key would be able to start or drive it.

Workings of a transponder car key

These keys are factory-made accessories which come with the car and facilitates radio transmission between the automobile and the key. Transponder keys contain a tiny computer chip that authenticate the original and duplicate car keys. When it is plugged inside the ignition, the ECU or the Engine Control Unit sends the key a coded message. If the key is an original one, it will receive the message and respond to the ECU. Only after the messages have been authenticated, would the car start. A non-programmed transponder key may crank a car. The car key transponder can take over 30 minutes to align with the car system as the electronics inside the car reset.

Advantages of using a transponder key

The transponder car keys are in use by all the top car manufacturers like BMW, Chevrolet, Nissan, Toyota, Ford etc since the time the German as well as non-German models were tested in 1998. The chip keys concept helped reduce risk of car theft. Previously the use of duplicate keys was enough to steal cars. The hot wiring technique for stealing cars doesn’t work now since cars started using the transponder key. Many insurance companies and vehicle manufacturers consider cars equipped with transponder keys to be completely theft-proof. However, this isn’t the case in reality. Thieves do find ways around the mechanism through towing away the car.

Tackling lost key issues and transponder malfunction

Replacing of transponder car keys brings with it not only issues of complexity but also involves huge costs. This requires help from trained and knowledgeable auto locksmiths with effective tools and programed software. The process encompasses repairing of the damaged chip key and offering a substitute transponder key at the customer location. The lost key needs to be also deleted off the computer system of the car. The professional locksmith that you hire for your transponder car key replacement need to offer a quick turnaround time and should charge less than dealership.

The process of the key replacement includes making or ‘cutting’ a new key and programming the same thereby synching to the car’s receiver and overwriting or eliminating the previously programed memory. All you need is to hire the services of experienced, well-equipped locksmith  for superior and flawless results.

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