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Archive for November 2017

Lost car keys but no spare?

Losing you only set of car keys can be so frustrating. And even worse is when you realize you don’t have any spare to help you. Well, we will come to the importance of spare keys in a bit but first let see what is the best option when you find yourself with lost car…

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Online safety: How can you keep your kids safe on the internet

Parents are increasingly getting concerned about the time their kids are spending online and the kind of online activities they are engaged in. And they have all the reasons in the world to get worried. Cyber bullying. Trolling. Objectionable content. Games that could turn fatal. Let’s face it. The internet can be a terrible place…

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Is Your Home Ready For Winters?

Colder drafts, snow storms and blizzard. Winters bring a whole hog of new challenges for home owners. With a brand-new winter wardrobe, you may be all set to embrace winters. But is your home ready for winters too? Whether it is insulation, maintenance of heating systems or dealing with the possibility of frozen pipes, there…

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How to Choose a Deadbolt Lock?

To make sure your home stays secure is a huge task. And of course, there are many home security products around to take your home security to next levels. Be it installing a security camera, an alarm system or a complete surveillance system with monitoring services, there is so much you can do to beef…

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