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Need a copy of a broken key? Your locksmith can help

In our business, one of the most frequently asked questions is: Is to possible to make a duplicate of key that is broken. Well, to be honest this question has no straightforward answer. Whether or not we can make copy of a broken key depends on several factors.copy of a broken key

Most of all, it depends to what extent your key has been broken. If your broken key has enough, larger chunks and you take it to a professional, experienced locksmith, they can gather the information they need to make you a duplicate.  It is important that you hire an expert to do the job. An unskilled technician with no experience in making a copy of a broken key can damage the key further, which can dampen your chances of getting a working key.

Let’s talk about the time when you need to get a replacement for a broken transponder key. Can a locksmith make you a new car key even when there is too much damage to the original key? And you have no substitute either? Yes, it can be done. A transponder key requires cutting and then coding the new key to the car’s computer.

With the help of advanced diagnostic tools and other specialized equipment, an auto locksmith can make a new key from the scratch, but all these efforts translate into additional costs. So, it is always better you have a handy spare key to operate your car. It not only makes your life convenient when you forget your keys locked inside the car (you can use your spare to retrieve your original key without calling a locksmith) but also lowers your costs of getting a replacement.

Do you a have a car key that is broken inside the ignition lock or the door lock? Again, call an experienced locksmith to help you. It takes technique, experience and the right tools to safely remove a broken key with all its fragments. You don’t want any additional damage to the key or the ignition cylinder, else be prepared to bear unwanted (and easily avoidable) costs in getting the ignition lock repaired or replaced.

Kyle Locksmith Co. can help you create a copy of a broken key at very affordable rates. We have a variety of key blanks to fit your needs. Our locksmith in Kyle are licensed and insured to perform all kinds of technical tasks – including cutting any kind of key, diagnosing issues if your keys are not working or not turning in the ignition, and replacing and programming transponder keys.